Building Resilience in the Digital Age

How to inject passion, grit, effort , perseverance into everyday life.

Are you walking the walk, talking the talk, or just fumbling and mumbling in the dark?

This small personal online course (S.P.O.C.) introduces you to the seven pathways and adventures in wellness optimization: Sleep, Exercise, Food, Brain Challenges, Relaxation, Relationships, and Stillness (Digital Detox). (Evidence based and Harvard Medical School referenced).

The introductory section reviews recent findings in neuroplasticity, epigenetics, cognitive reserve, mental autonomy, neurogenesis and the science of habit formation.

Basically, a). you can change your brain function with imagination, effort and focus; b) your lifestyle choices influence genetic expression and brain health; and c). you can prevent future brain illness but get the benefits of sharper mental function in the present. That is a real win-win investment.

The outcome of completing the Adventures in Wellness is the seamless incorporation of the versatile FLIP365 Resilience Prescription into your daily life.

Why, how and what to include into your daily life: passion, grit, effort and perseverance

Your Instructor

Jonathan D Moch
Jonathan D Moch

Dr Jonathan Moch is a Wits, Johannesburg, trained scientist, physician and psychiatrist whose passion is maximizing brain health. Believing that ... your greatest asset by the proverbial mile is your brain, and the quality of your life is dependent on the quality of your decision-making

Class Curriculum

  Adventure 7). Digital Detox and Stillness
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  Continuing the Adventure
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  STORY-BOARDING: The FLIP365 Community Page TELLING Your Story!
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Thank you for completing the course Building Resilience in the Digital Age.

It is a continual work in progress with infinite adventures to explore.

Although one needs to aim at a destination, the learning is in the striving.

Never forget. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Comments and feedback always welcome.

All the very best,

Dr Jonathan Moch

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